David Christopher was born on August 3rd, 2005, at only 26 weeks and 6 days gestation.

He weighed in at 1 lb, 4oz, and was 12.5 inches long.

Here's his story.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

September 2006

September 2006



MUST see video of David's new trick!!!

Watch this video to see David's new trick!!!

user posted image

And another video - he scared the crap out of me today! Watch his right arm.

user posted image

This is how David lays now for some reason! I swear he could do the splits!!

And the best picture I could get of David's new teeth, both broken in on the same day last week. I call them his "secret teeth" because he refuses to let ANYONE see them! It took me forever to get THIS good of a picture!

One more, just for good measure.

I made David cry yesterday!!! So I realize that everyone has done something like this, but it doesn't make me feel less terrible!

I was holding David's hands while he was sitting up, he was sitting in front of me, facing me. All of a sudden, he arched his back, and jerked away, flailing himself onto the ground with a huge THUMP.

And then he began to cry.

So I began to cry.

Javier picked him up, and within about thirty seconds he was laughing again. It took me MUCH longer to recover.


Trip to the ER

Javier called me at work and told me that David was breathing really fast. He's been fussy all day long but I figured it was teeth so I didn't worry about it too much. Well, when Javier counted his respirations it was 56...after a breathing treatment it's almost 70. He's still satting really good, but we're going in (even though the on-call dr says for us to stay home and do two more breathing treatments) because we both REFUSE to let it get as bad as it did last time.

Javier's setting up dial up on the laptop so I might be able to update you tonight. If not, I'll try to tell you tomorrow.

Say a prayer ok?



We're back.

We got home from the ER at about 3am. I won't go into boring details about how stupid the hospital is but by the time we got there David was breathing normal again (of course) and the ER doc called my ped - they decided David must've had a mucous plug in his lungs that caused him to breath faster. And they said that the plug must've passed on it's own which is why he stopped.

Ahh well. Better safe than sorry.

Thanks for the prayers! Just for that, here's a bonus picture of David - he fell asleep like this:




David played peek a boo today for the first time!!! It was SO cute! He'd pull the blanket over his face and I'd say "Where's David?!?" and he'd pull the blanket down real quick and act surprised and laugh. He melts my heart.

I'll get it on video soon.



Cutest video EVER.

user posted image

David's physical therapy appointment from the other day. He did really good, even though he didn't like it at first!

Hi, guys!!

David tonight, eating peaches.

So David scared the crap outta me again today!! He started to gag, which is what he does when he needs to burp. Since he has the nissan, we have to vent his button with a tube, and that's how he gets rid of the air in is tummy. So anyways, we vented him, and it came up BROWN. Scared the crap outta me. I figured it could be blood, from his button (it HAD been bleeding earlier today) but the Susan, our nurse, said that she's seen patients who were so constipated that feces came back into their stomach. So we called the ped and everything, and I called Javier and told him we're probably gonna have to take him in...and then we remembered he ate prunes today. Sheesh.

This afternoon I got a chocolate milkshake from Chick-filet and I let David try some. He loved it! Then when I was finished feeding it to him (he won't eat much of anything, even if he does like it) he wanted to hold the cup. So I let him - and he let me put it in his mouth, and then he actually drank some! So David drank from a big-boy cup today!



NICU Reunion!

The NICU reunion party was tonight! I never received an invitation, apparently they didn't put the apartment number on the invite so it got returned. Luckily, I remembered this morning that it was sometime soon, and when I called the NICU to find out when, they told me it was tonight! So I took off work early and went out there. It was alot of fun! David was such a ham for all the nurses, and they were all excited to see him. We only hung around for about an hour, before it all became too much for David. That was the first time he was around THAT many people. I had no idea that many people were going to be there - I was a nervous wreck! But, it turned out ok. Here are the pictures.

Here's David, enjoying the outdoors.

This is Billy and his mom, Lori. Billy was born at the end of August.He's weighing in at 15 pounds, and completely off of oxygen and everything!!

This little boy's name is Tate. I've never met them before, but he was a 24 weeker, weighing in at 1lb, 5oz, which is one ounce more than David was. Now he's three, and look at him! He's a doll.

David got a tattoo tonight! Two, actually!! He wasn't nearly as amused with it as I was - that is until he saw this girl's bracelets! Then he was all smiles.

At the end, all tuckered out -

OH, and by the way - I figured out why David hasn't slept the last FOUR nights. He broke THREE new teeth in - TODAY.



September Pictures

This has been a super busy week!! Javier and I have both been sick so it's been stressful. I have some stuff to update on but David is fussing so I'm just gonna post the pictures. Have a great day everyone!!

Insert, now that I'm at work and have a little time :)

OK today was our doctor's appointment, and David is doing GREAT! He hasn't gotten much bigger - he weighs 22 lbs, 7oz, and is 29.5 inches long. I'll have to look back and see, but it seems like that's exactly what he was last time.

Anyways, his oxygen saturation has been really high lately, and was 97 when we got there, so they lowered his oxygen to one liter (down from two) and cut our breathing treatments from six a day to four a day!! WHOO HOO!

We'll be starting with the RSV shots soon, but instead of having to make a trip to the doctor's office everytime, our home health nurse will give them. So that's nice. No use in getting RSV from a trip to the clinic to get the vaccination I suppose.

Kim (the nurse practitioner that we always see) said that I can give him any food that he tolerates - milk, meat, whatever. She said just to watch for allergic reaction.

She said we can STOP trying to give him a bottle, since we'd be weaning him about now anyways. She said I can try either a sippy cup, or just a regular cup - anything I can do to get liquids inside of him. So WHOO HOO - David HATED us trying to get him to drink from the bottle!!!

They were overall VERY happy with his progress - and we don't have to go back until DECEMBER 11th!!!!


I decided to go with Johnny Appleseed for our September pictures! I love the way they turned out!! These will be mailed out soon, along with the August pictures that I slacked on last month. This is the one that I finally chose -

user posted image

Here are the other good ones (sorry there's alot, but you know how I am )

Some random pictures -

David's tattoo - I didn't get a good picture of it last time (this was from the NICU reunion) - there was another one on the other arm but it had worn off already.

David and Meme, Meme just had knee surgery last week so we went and visited her.



David playing with his spoon - right after he threw up almost half a jar of Stage 2 apples and pears.

What, Mom?!?

Daddy making David laugh -



David Pictures

David's PT brought him a standing frame to strengthen the bones and muscles in his legs. She said that it also helps in preventing osteoporosis. David seemed to like being up where he could look around.

Here he is working on sitting up

David was driving me insane with his breathing treatment the other night. This is what he kept doing

Eating baby food

Playing in his blue chair

David's Aunt Amy bought him some Cookie Monster pajamas for his birthday. It's been too warm to put him in them until now, and now I'm afraid he might be too big for them. They're still cute, though!!



Video of David laughing - he cracks me up.

user posted image

I finally got a picture of David's top teeth

Just a great big smile -

And this is why we have to keep David strapped into his rocker now.

Remember these? About a month and a half ago David had to be propped into his excersaucer -

Now check him out! What a big boy!!


Sometimes I miss:

When did my baby turn into a little boy? *SOB*

I feel like I've been so focused on him getting bigger because that meant he was getting healthier, that I forgot to focus on him being little! Now, before my very eyes, my baby has disappeared!! I got to thinking about it the other day when I was trying to hold David in the "baby hold" - you know, like cradling him in my arms? Not only did he not want any part of it, but he was so dang heavy I wouldn't have been able to do it for long! And then, just for fun, I tried to swaddle him - HAHAHA the blanket wouldn't even FIT around him!!



Guess what David discovered?!?

His FEET!! I'm so excited. ECI (our therapists) have been trying and trying to show them to him for the longest time. She said that was the next big step, and once he found them it would be easier for him to roll over and sit up!! I'll get a picture tomorrow.

I'm so excited for him.

Only problem? He's in there right now playing with them, and he needs to go to sleep!!


David playing with his foot. Boy, this was a hard picture to take! He's so squirmy lately!!!

David playing on his tummy - he's actually scooting a little bit!!

Close up


Too close

Sitting like a big boy on the couch. We had to go get labs drawn today, which is what the blue thing is for (it's like a bandage). Also the bracelet thing you see in the first picture is from the hospital.

Big Smile!!

This picture is funny to me

Holding his phone in his mouth

And this was taken the other day when Javier took David to work to show him off. Doesn't he look cute?

So they are going to start weaning David off the Viagra Remember, David was on Viagra because it relaxes the blood vessels which allows more blood to flow to their organs. For David, it was for his heart. They have him on a slow wean and he should be off of it in a month. One less medicine!!

What's the rest of the story?