David Christopher was born on August 3rd, 2005, at only 26 weeks and 6 days gestation.

He weighed in at 1 lb, 4oz, and was 12.5 inches long.

Here's his story.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

November 2006

November 2006



Fun with Grandma & Grandpa!!

David's Grandma & Grandpa (Javier's parents) got into town on Saturday, and David has been spoiled rotten ever since. When I got home on Saturday night after having been at work all day, I went to go give David a kiss - and he REACHED for my mother in law!!! I almost cried!!

Anyways, we've been having a good time. Here's a couple of pictures -

waiting patiently for Grandma & Grandpa to arrive:

Playing - I love the expression on his face here, he looks so serious!

David's grandpa bought him a new toy tonight! We saw it on the way out of Albertsons! I love it because it has the entire alphabet and it says it in English and Spanish - as well as little games and stuff. It says for 3+ but David loves to pound on it because it makes noise Here he is playing with it with his Grandma.



A couple of pictures of David before bed tonight

Here are a couple of pictures that I took of David before bed tonight - we were reading Lady and the Tramp - but David was more interested in eating the book then listening to me read it haha.

By the way the blanket he's covered up with is the blanket that my inlaws bought for us - it is SO soft! I LOVE it!



David David David

My inlaws are sleeping on a blow up matress in the living room - and yesterday morning David was laying with them when they let the air out so he got to ride down. He thought it was fun! Here's a picture of David's Grandpa playing with David -

And David's new favorite past time is playing on the computer. He's gonna be just like his Daddy.



David is sick.

Last night I noticed that David was wheezing...but it stopped after his breathing treatment so I didn't worry too much. Well this morning he woke up with a runny nose and vomiting *cry*

God I'm so freakin worried about him - I called the doctor and they just said give him Benedryl every six hours and let them know if it gets worse.

His snot is still clear and he's not running a fever so that's a plus, right?

Also his heartrate was 160 this morning - which makes me worry about his pulminary hypertension returning.

Anyways... his oxygen saturation is still 91 at this point.

Here are the pictures from yesterday -

David and Grandpa

How David fell asleep last night



David is feeling better! And more pictures from today...

David had alot of fun playing with Grandma today - here he is learning some more spanish -

Then he played with the clear ball - he kept trying to bite it but couldn't figure out why it didn't fit in his mouth hahah

The he decided to play with the shapes ball - he liked it better because he could put part of it in his mouth..... or lick it!

Javier's parents took me shopping today & bought David all kinds of nice things!! This is my favorite - it's like a rocking horse but it's a caterpiller!! David wasn't too sure about it at first, but I think he'll like it too!

And David typing with Grandma again -

BTW David is feeling much better - I don't know what his problem was this morning but he had me worried sick!! His nose hasn't ran again once I sucked it out, and after his first dose of Benedryl he hasn't coughed or anything, so we didn't give him the second dose. YAY!



New and Comparison Pictures of David!!

Look at my new shirt!

And my new pants!

Sitting in Mama's lap

Sleeping on Susan's lap

Comparison's from last year and this year -



David's new highchair!!

Lovin' on Grandma before she leaves (he actually fell asleep like this! haha)

David's new highchair!



Trying to feed David...

David yesterday, trying a tator tot for the first time. Aren't his PJ's cute? And yes, he was annoyed as he looked haha!

David this morning - trying a waffle for the first time. He was not amused.


Pics from tonight -
Like father like son!

About to topple!

Look how cute my PJs are!!


David's hives - they started after I gave him the waffles this morning. But I also gave him a fruit juice mixed with yogurt thing. Probably shouldn't have done them both on the same day, because now we aren't sure what caused it. I don't think he consumed enough of the waffles to cause hives...so I looked at the ingredients of the yogurt thing and it said it had pineapple juice...so maybe that was it? *shrug* not even sure if I should be worried. The nurse doesn't seem to be.

Oh, and we had the appointment with the Audiologist today - and David's hearing is PERFECT - in both ears. She said the fact that he's been slow to speak has nothing to do with his ears - and we should just talk & read to him alot. So woohoo!!

Now I just have to worry about his eyes.



November Pictures!

We took our November pictures today. I was hoping to get some of him holding the leaves but for some reason he refused to even touch them! Anyways, here are a few of the ones that I thought were funny -

And here are the ones that I am deciding between to have printed out for November. Tell me what you think!!


And by popular request haha - seriously, David's Grandma wanted to see these again - David in his highchair!



Physical Therapy Pictures from Today!

David's physical therapist came today. David did wonderful - but I'm sure that if you were to ask him he would beg to differ. He was PISSED. That's how it always goes, though, and then a couple of days later he's doing these new tricks on his own. So we'll see. Anyways, here's what we did today.

Playing with the blocks - learning to stack and knock over stacks:

She was trying to make him reach across with his other arm to reach the yellow block:

Here he is on his knees - she's trying to teach him to sit on his knees and push up with his arms. Which of course, will eventually turn into crawling:

Plumbers crack!

So sad!:

Sitting up like such a big boy:

BTW I have some videos but I'm about to head to work and don't have time to upload them.

And this one is from the other day - Daddy had made him his own special pallet in the living room for him to take a nap on.



Thanksgiving 2006

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!
We had a good time - it has fun, albeit stressful. David was fussy for a majority of the day, and of course our nurse had the holiday off, and Javier had to work so I took David over to Thanksgiving dinner by myself. But all in all a good day. During dinner David sat in his highchair like such a big boy, drank a little bit of sweet tea, and even played with some mashed potatoes. Yay! Here are the pictures that I got today:

David and his cousin Weston:

David and Amy's dog, Calvin. David wasn't the least bit scared of Calvin!

Fussy kid!

David and Meme

David and Mommy - playing peekaboo



Sweet Potato!

I decided to try something new this morning to see if David might eat a little bit better. Yesterday at Thanksgiving dinner I noticed that after the mashed potatoes sitting on his tray for a while he eventually played in them and *possibly* ate some. So I thought I'd try it today with the baby food.

Here he is - still happy - he doesn't know Mama's trying to trick him.

Trying a little

Taking a drink - he does pretty good out of this little cup if you help him but he doesn't know how to do it himself yet - as you can tell from the spilled water on the tray

Getting a little messier

All clean!!

And here's a short video of him laughing! It's so cute!

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