David Christopher was born on August 3rd, 2005, at only 26 weeks and 6 days gestation.

He weighed in at 1 lb, 4oz, and was 12.5 inches long.

Here's his story.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

December 2006

December 2006



It's officially wintertime!!!

Here are some random pictures of David from the week -

And a couple of videos - here's one of him eating.

user posted image

And this one cracks me up - he can kick his legs in the air so high that he bounces!!

user posted image

Not much has been happening on the David front. He was invited to his first Christmas party! Our pediatrician holds a Christmas party for all the children with special needs - complete with Santa Clause and presents!! I really wanted to take him - but unfortunately, the weather has seen to that. We got our first snow fall of the year last night and this morning - some eight inches of snow! We also were supposed to go to the eye doctor this afternoon but I didn't want to get David out in this mess - the roads were awful. So we rescheduled. Luckily they were able to get us in next week. I'm not sure why anyone likes snow. I mean sure - it's pretty....but it's a pain in the butt. Here are the pictures (what? you knew I had some! haha)

My window this morning

Looking out -


Out back:

This is my favorite one -



David's First Christmas Party!

Well I decided to take David to the Christmas party today! We had a good time - well, I did - he was indifferent about the whole thing haha

Here's a cute picture from before we left - getting ready!

Anyways, he slept throught the first half hour or so of the party - but that was okay because it gave Jenna (our nurse today) and I a chance to eat some pizza hut and subway sandwiches! While we ate we waited in line to get our picture taken with Santa. David was NOT photogenic in Santa's lap at all - I snapped a few myself and then their photographer tried. Their photographer got a much better picture than I did, thankfully.

Sleeping through his first Christmas party!

Here he is getting ready to see Santa - can't you just feel his excitement?

All of my pictures turned out about like this one - and no, he's not sleeping, just being un-photogenic!

Here's the one they took - it's still not GREAT I don't think - but it's certainly better than mine! (and of course, this is scanned, the original is of better quality)

Next up was face painting! I didn't think that he'd let them do it, but he actually did really good! He just played with his toy most of the time. Every once in a while he'd turn his head at an inopportune time and end up with paint all over the place - but they cleaned it up and it looks good.


The final product:

Here's a video of the occasion:

user posted image

Finally, we played the cake walk - and won! (actually, I think they were letting everyone win)

Go Longhorns!

Getting ready to leave - we had fun!!



David's Eye Doctor Appointment

Well today we went to the eye doctor. She seemed to be optimistic because he has good depth perception (she said you could tell because he can clap without missing and when he reaches for things he doesn't miss). She also said that his left eye is better than his right eye. So she put a patch over his right eye. Apparently if you patch the good eye it will force the bad eye to do all the work, which will make it stronger. Luckily we only have to wear the patch for 2-3 hours a day, and it can be split up. So if we go to the doctor's office or something he doesn't have to wear it then.

Here's a picture of him wearing it:

And here's another sweet picture that I didn't share when I uploaded last time (this is David and one of his physical therapists, Angie):




user posted image

He rolled over from his back to his tummy (going right) for the first time today! Whoohoo!!!

And here are a couple of the Christmas pictures I'm deciding between:



Kissing... and more!

David learned how to kiss yesterday! I lean over to him and say "gimme a kiss!!" and make a kissy noise and he leans into me with his mouth wide open and puts his mouth on mine hahaha

It makes my heart melt. I hope he never knows that he could get away with just about anything with kisses like that. awwwww

Video of David Talking:

user posted image

Video of David laughing at the cell phone noises

user posted image



New David Pictures

Just a couple of pictures of David...I haven't shared in a while (at least a few days!)

Here he is last Sunday, falling asleep while he was getting his breathing treatment.

Yesterday he was sitting up next to Susan (our nurse) when he got really sleepy!

And a short video that I think is cute

user posted imageuser posted image

Just for kicks, our Christmas tree again



David's been sick :(

Last night David was retracting when he took breaths - both in his abdomen and his trachea area (which I had never seen before.)

But he was still satting 96-97, and his heart rate was okay.

He was coughing a little bit. But he seemed happy and everything (grumpy - but it was past his bedtime.)

I didn't know whether or not to call the ped last night because we already had a doctor's appointment scheduled today. I finally decided to just watch him and call if his sat got below 92 (it never did, thankfully)

Today we went to the doctor. The nurse practitioner said he sounded like he has fluid on his lungs. So they sent him for a chest x-ray and upped his lasix a little bit. He's temporarily back on breathing treatments every three hours (which sucks but if he needs it he needs it.) Also they drew some labs.

He has an ear infection but she said she's not going to give him antibiotics unless he absolutely needs it, so we're watching for signs of ear infections such as fever, pulling on ear, redness, etc. It's odd because none of us even noticed he had an ear infection.

Other than that, she said he's doing fantastic. She gave me some tips on setting boundaries so he didn't turn into "one of those spoiled babies" I think it's too late for that!

One of these days I'll get over my paranoia of the hospital - and quit thinking that every time he gets a sniffle he will end up in there.

oh! And he lost a little bit of weight - he's down to 24lbs, 6oz (down from 24-13.) She went up on his feeds because she said she needed to double his calories but he's still having some feeding difficulties. And he is 31.5 inches long!



David's Ear Infection is getting worse!

poor baby!

I think we've been keeping the symptoms masked because we've been giving motrin on a pretty regular basis because he's been so fussy.

So I called the ped this morning and told her that he was still running a low grade fever even with the motrin and she said to hold the motrin and see if he does spike a temp.

And he did. Not only that, but it was getting harder and harder for him to breath, even with the breathing treatments every three hours. And his little heart was racing and he was absolutely inconsolable. *SOB*

So we called her back and she called in ear drops for pain and an antibiotic (amoxil?) that I have to give twice a day for ten days, then she wants to see us again in the office.

We'd better NOT end up in the hospital on Christmas!

HOWEVER - I did get some cute pictures. Lemme see if I can find them all!

Here's a couple of the crappy weather we've had

Our apartments are having a contest - whoever can decorate the best window gets $100 off next month's rent! Here's what I have (hand painted btw - because I rock like that) -
From the inside

From the outside

And a picture of what it looked like on my wall before I finished it. It was neat, the light from Burger King shines in through my window so the picture showed up on my wall:

Now for David - now you would think, with as many pictures as I take of David - that he would be more photogenic! But no! Here are some examples - I had to take about a million pictures before I could get ONE good one! He would be making a perfectly fine face, and then I'd snap a picture and he'd cringe HAHA.Some of the faces he was making were cracking me up, though, so I thought I'd share:

All that to get two good ones:

And then again (this is the little doll that's David's birth size)

A couple of good ones:

OK that's all. Until next time. Oh! And if I don't update in time, Merry Christmas!!!



Early Christmas Gifts!

David got to open his first Christmas present today! Today will be the last time we see Susan (our nurse) again until after Christmas so we exchanged presents this morning. And of course, I got pictures:

This is his fake smile that I mentioned before - see the difference?

How fun! It's a Playskool Busy Poppin' Pals! David loves it!

She also got us Baby Einstein - Baby's Favorite Places DVD!!

And here's what we got for Susan (in case you didn't see it yesterday)

I don't know how well you can see what it says, but it says "Merry Christmas Susan! Love, David" in the bottom left hand corner, and in the top right corner it says "2006 16mos old" And then there is a hand and foot print. On the other side is this picture:

She loved it!!

Update on David - he's feeling SO much better. The antibiotics (he'll get his third dose today at noon) have really made a difference. His lungs are clear again and he's not coughing nearly as much. Also, I haven't had to give him his ear drops or motrin since yesterday at 3pm. I'm so relieved - I didn't know how much longer I could handle him being sick!

Also, I called the eye doctor yesterday morning because I'm starting to notice that his strong eye - the one we've been patching to make the other eye stronger - is now starting to turn in. I was worried that we were working so hard on the right eye that we were making his left eye weak.


He said that's FANTASTIC! He said that's exactly what they wanted to happen - he said it means that it's working - that David's brain is starting to use the right eye more. He said to continue what we're doing and we go back in two weeks to be reevaluated.


I've also noticed a difference. Before I had to take SEVERAL pictures before I could get one of him with his straight. I haven't taken a picture of David in a while where his eyes were crossed! (I notice it more in the pictures for some reason)



Merry Christmas!!!

David loves to give kisses now - both to people and his toys! I got a video of him giving his new puppet a kiss awww!

user posted image

David was NOT feeling good this morning so I didn't get very many good pictures- he was fussy and frowning in most of them. This is the only picture that I got where his eyes were even open. Notice how flushed his cheeks are? Poor baby!! Anyways, we had a good morning - we opened presents at about 730am. David got lots of books and toys - and a few clothes! Here's the picture of him:

The other day my nurse Susan and I couldn't figure out what we wanted to eat for lunch. So we decided to pack up David and go out to a restaurant!!! I was so worried that David would be grumpy and it would just be a stressful adventure, but David was absolutely FANTASTIC!! He fussed for a few minutes when we put him in his highchair but after he got settled in he just played with his link a do and menu! I was so proud of him. Anyways, I looked like a loser taking pictures of him in the restaurant, but I did! Here they are:

He's teething something awful!

I really like this picture:

NO I don't want a roll!!!

And a short video -

user posted image



More Christmas Pictures!

David was feeling much better this morning. So we opened the presents from Meme and Lizzie this morning! I really had to narrow these down, though, because they all turned out SO cute!

We got lots of new books! That's what we asked for because I was getting awful bored with our current library selection.

I wonder what's in here?

A piano!!

And I think these were by far David's favorite present - they're little morracos (sp?) that shake and sing and teach you how to count in English and Spanish. David played with them for a really long time!!

David's not rotten hahaha!



Our busy day!!

David has gained THREE pounds in TWO weeks.

Last time we went in there they thought he had lost weight (he didn't - we were thinking about it and remembered that he was weighed wearing his clothes the time before that - even his shoes ) and so she upped his calories. She put him back on the high calorie formula and upped his intake considerably.

So David went from weighing 24lbs, 6oz two weeks ago, to 27lbs, 4oz today.

I knew he was gaining weight - I could tell when I lifted him - but DANG.

His nurse practitioner is out of town for the week so they just went back to the way things were before she went up, which is four boluses of 120 ccs each, then continuous of 43ccs and hour for 12 hours at night. Also, it's back to regular calorie formula as opposed to the high calorie. She wants to reevaluate in two weeks. So we'll see what happens then.

Also, he hasn't been feeling good lately. He had a very upset stomach today. The last several days he has woken up breathing really really fast - almost panting - and coughing. He's better after a couple of breathing treatments, but it's still kind of scary.

The doctor called yesterday and said that David's potassium is still low so they upped his potassium dose to four times a day instead of twice. Add that to his antibiotic that he gets twice a day, and we're up to THIRTY EIGHT doses of medicine a day now.

I wonder if he'll be on these forever......

Today David's physical therapist came. He was sleeping when she got here, so I am surprised that he was in such a good mood. When she was playing with him, showing him how to turn the buttons on his toy, he would pat the toy and then look back up at her and smile really big - kinda saying "Look what I did!" he was so proud of himself!! Here are the pictures:

And his eyes are crossed a little bit here but I still think the picture is cute.

And last, but not least - David looks SO cute right now - he's laying on the floor in just his diaper and new socks that come up to his knees - and his bugs bunny bandaids that he got from his RSV shot today. He's SO cute!!

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