David Christopher was born on August 3rd, 2005, at only 26 weeks and 6 days gestation.

He weighed in at 1 lb, 4oz, and was 12.5 inches long.

Here's his story.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Hospital Week

Last Saturday (January 12th) David woke up with a cough and a fever. He was fussy so I laid him on his spiderman couch and he laid there - not sleeping, just in a daze - all morning. Also, he normally wakes up with his diaper SOAKED, but that morning, it was nearly dry. After a couple of vomiting and diarrhea episodes I decided it was time to call the doctor.

But the doctor just said that he was having the diarrhea from the antibiotics he was on for recent ear infections, and was probably sleepy from the fever. He said to watch him.

user posted image

So I did... I watched him get sicker and more lethargic. Monday morning when we got him into the doctor his temperature was 103.8, under his arm. But his legs were icicles. The ped told me that his blood was not circulating properly because he had gotten dehydrated.

The did an influenza test, which came back positive. Which makes me mad because his ped REFUSED to give him a flu shot - so all of this could have been prevented.

But anyways.

So they admitted us to the hospital Monday morning for IV fluids.

What started out as a "quick trip" to the hospital, turned into four days because his temperatures were so extreme. It was miserable, for him, and for us. I spent the nights up there, and Javier spent the days up there while I went home and slept more (I also had the flu this week, on top of bronchitis.) But, they wanted to make sure that his fevers were due to influenza, and not caused by some other underlying problem. Plus, he was still having diarrhea diapers.

They ran some stool cultures , and the rotovirus and the C Dif came back negative so I guess they're thinking that the diarrhea was just from the antibiotics.

They stopped his feedings when we arrived because of the 5-6 diarrhea diapers he was having a day.

I snuck him a cheeto and I don't think I've ever seen him so happy. 36_11_6%5B1%5D.gif

Tuesday they began feeding him one ounce of pedialyte through his button an hour to see if he'd tolerate it, which he did, so they began feeding him formula on Wednesday.
David actually was feeling a little bit more alert Wednesday morning after getting some motrin so I took a couple of pictures of him.

You can tell he's still kinda out of it 36_1_20%5B1%5D.gif

Playing with his new Diego cup
user posted image

Let me out of here!
user posted image

This is nothing that a little dr. suess can't fix 36_1_20%5B1%5D.gif
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Anyways, we were finally discharged from the hospital on Thursday. When we got home, David was exhausted, and laid down on his spiderman couch and immediately fell asleep. We've given lots and lots of extra cuddles this week - I know that hospital trip must have been frightening for him. He's too young to understand that it's for his own good - all he knows is Mommy and Daddy are supposed to save him from any pain and discomfort, but they weren't. 36_1_46%5B1%5D.gif

Well, drinks.gif here's to another 18 months out of the hospital.

Here's a picture of David with his new pillow (we decided to let him have one because he slept on one in the hospital, and really liked it)
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In other news, last Saturday was Meme's birthday! Some of her good friends organized a surprise birthday party for her, and it was alot of fun! We had it at a local bbq restaurant, and reserved a room in the back. Meme was so surprised that when she walked in, everyone yelled SURPRISE and she turned back around 36_11_6%5B1%5D.gif

But when she came in, she was very excited! Here's the pictures.

Meme, on the left there is Phillip with Kylie.
user posted image

Meme holding Kylie, wearing her birthday hat
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user posted image

And Jaxon - I can't believe how big he's getting already!
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user posted image

David wasn't there, of course, because he was sick.


Betsy said...

he is just getting so big. I am glad to hear he is doing better, so scarey when they are sick!


I am glad that he is home. :-)cz

Meg said...

So happy it was a short stay in the hospital. He looked so pathetic, I just wanted to reach in my pc and give him a squeeze.
Glad he's feeling better and his home where he belongs. Keep posting! Me and the kids LOVE keeping up with you guys. You have all come so far. I'm so proud of you guys (hope that doesn't sound weird.lol)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he is doing better.I meant to ask this over the past two months he looks so lean????
Have the docs changed his diet or something, he used to be so chubby.


Sam said...

Joey - he has actually lost a total of ten pounds since his second birthday (back in August)... he was 36 pounds when he turned two, and 26 pounds at our last doctor's appointment! I think it was a combination of the diet change, plus learning to crawl, and now walk.

So, you're not imagining it :)


I hope that all is going well with David,now. :-)

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