David Christopher was born on August 3rd, 2005, at only 26 weeks and 6 days gestation.

He weighed in at 1 lb, 4oz, and was 12.5 inches long.

Here's his story.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Watch this, it's funny:
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And here's a video of David singing his ABCs!

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David is definitely two now. His temper tantrums are increasing in both frequency and intensity. In fact, the other day, David hit me because he was mad! I was shocked because he'd never done that before!!

He was trying to get the remote controls, and I put them where he couldn't get them and told him "No."

So he reared his little bitty hand back and slapped me on the chest!!

I couldn't believe it!! I said "DAVID CHRISTOPHER. You do NOT hit Mommy. Sit down."

And he sat down and cried.

I'm at a loss for on that one. He hasn't done it since, though, thankfully.

But, I hate to only say negative things. He's also a TON of fun lately. He's learning new things all the time and is becoming increasingly interactive. An example, Javier had surgery about two weeks ago, and on the weekends, a home health nurse comes to our house to repack his wound.

Well, David thinks that any nurse that ever comes to our house is there for him. 36_1_20%5B1%5D.gif

So every time one comes over he's all flirty saying "HelllOOOO" to them over and over again. It's so cute the way he says it, I wish you could hear.

A little while ago, we tried out the new sprinkler toy. And it did NOT go over well! In fact... I think it's safe to say that David HATES the new sprinkler.

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He was still mad even after he came in. 36_11_6%5B1%5D.gif
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Oh. We have a HUGE problem. I got a call Friday from the woman who's in charge of our nursing agency.

She said that the nurse practitioner signed a paper that says, effective June 5th, our nursing hours will be cut. To ZERO. Like NO nursing. At ALL.

The paper apparently said that David no longer meeting the medical criteria for nursing, and that David's parents needed to look into daycare/babysitters.

David is doing fantastic. He really is. But lets take a minute to review all that still has to be done for him.

David gets the following medicines:

Baclofen - six doses a day
Clonodine - two doses a day
Zantac - two doses a day
Reglan - two doses a day
Flaxseed oil - four doses a day
Acidopholus - one dose a day
Calciferol - one dose a day
Clariton - one dose a day

He also gets one pulmicort every day, and PRN xopenex and intol.

He's eating more by mouth, which is great, but even if he eats a good meal, he still has to have eight ounces of water through his button because he still won't drink much by mouth. So add to all that, three bolus "feedings" of water a day.

After he goes to bed, he gets two more eight ounces of formula bolus fed to him, to make up for any calories he does not consume during the day.

David is still very much developmentally delayed. He still needs alot of physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

So just for kicks, I decided to call a couple of daycares in the area, just to see if they would even TAKE David. I was able to find one that would give a breathing treatment. But when I told them about David's mickey button, they were all like "what? what's that?" When I explained it to them, they told me that they were not qualified to care for someone with needs like David's.

Which is exactly the answer I expected.

I do have a call in for our pediatrician. I haven't received a call back yet, but when I do, I plan to explain to him that putting David in daycare, especially with his naturally weakened immune system is a recipe for disaster, even IF a daycare would take him.

I mean, these people have been involved in this situation since David was born. They are VERY aware of all the things that David has been through, how sick he was, etc. So for them to think that all of a sudden he's well enough to go to DAYCARE just because he's eating more by mouth is absolutely preposterous.

Whew. Thanks for listening. 36_11_16%5B1%5D.gif

Finally, here's some pictures from this GLORIOUS three day weekend!!
Sleeping in...
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A little coffee to wake up
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It's all gone!
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Playing outside with Daddy
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Robyn said...

Not a whole lot of daycares are set up for his specific needs. Schools are a different matter and will meet his needs when he starts going. It's ridiculous for someone to say put him in daycare. Please. I'd would have slapped whoever wrote that.

On the other hand. Oh he is cute! What is up with boys wanting the remotes?! Men in training is all I can figure!

Great videos too! He's got such a cute little voice!

Christina Lee said...

As a former daycare employee of three years, I promise you that you do NOT want to put David in one. Its not that the ladies who work in them don't love the kids they care for, but they are typically caring for a group of 10-15 twos at one time. And yes, the germs involved, while manageable for most children, would spell disaster for David! Be sure to bring up the fact that David will be three soon, and will then qualify for public school care (which will know and be qualified to care for him.) So perhaps you can push for care until then.
On the other hand, how amazing to think of how far he has come, you and Javier are doing an amazing job, it is a joy to watch him grow! My prayers are with you!!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with him singing his abc's! and the remote thing was just too funny.

You guys are doing a great job with him. =]


Meg said...

How adorable is he getting!
I would have freeked on the idiot who said daycare for him. He will be able to go to preschool soon, and they will be able to handle his needs better with out putting him at such a risk.

Your doing great. Thanks for keeping posting, I love seeing that lil guy

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