David Christopher was born on August 3rd, 2005, at only 26 weeks and 6 days gestation.

He weighed in at 1 lb, 4oz, and was 12.5 inches long.

Here's his story.

Monday, December 8, 2008

David's new wheels!!

Thursday was David's luncheon where he was presented with his new AmTryke. It was generously donated to David through an organization called Ambucs. The luncheon was at the country club, and I felt completely out of place (think Pretty Woman in the fancy restaurant) but the people were super nice and extremely generous to have chosen David for one of these tricycles. Here are the pictures.

Adjusting the bike for David
user posted image
user posted image

This woman was David's sponsor - she actually bought the tricycle for David, without having even met him! How generous is that? Her name is Pat Crawford.
user posted image

user posted image

David really seems to like it. The other day we took him around the block a couple of times in it. It's really neat because his feet strap into the petals and there's a push bar behind it. So when I push him, his feet move in the correct pedaling motion. Soon he should catch on that in order for him to move, he has to turn his feet. The tricycle also has a neat feature where he can pedal with his arms if he chooses, and I am able to turn the steering on and off until he gets the hang of it.

Now hopefully we'll have some good weather so we can use it!!

We got David's school pictures back last week. I'm really happy with the way they turned out! If you remember, the weekend before pictures were taken, David took two really hard falls to the head. And this is what he looked like:

user posted image

Well, you can't even see the bruise or the scratch in the picture! And, they even got a half-smile out of him!! I'm extremely happy. (And this is a picture of a picture, so excuse the flash and the weird angle)

user posted image

Well, the whole glasses thing isn't going as well as I'd hoped. The doctor had told me "If the glasses help him see, then he'll keep them on."

Not so much. He'll wear them for short periods of time, but once he remembers that they are there, he takes them off. In fact, David's teacher accidently stepped on his glasses the other day. Apparently, David took his glasses off and put them in the most logical place for a three year old - on the floor. Crap.gifThey offered to pay for them, but they just needed to be reshaped.

Oh well... hopefully that will improve.

And, since this is somewhat of a short blog post, I'll share some of David's recent artwork.

These were from therapy:
user posted image
user posted image

And these are from school:
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

I think I may have the next Picasso on my hands 36_1_20%5B1%5D.gif


Anonymous said...

Cool bike! His school pic turned out great.
Merry Christmas!


liz.mccarthy said...

been a LONG time since I checked in on David! He's so big and cute!!! Wow, time flies doesn't it?

Liz M

What's the rest of the story?